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A Family Run Mission

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Hello, we are the Cricks - thank you so much for taking the time to read about us and the vision we hold for the mission of Manna Theatre Company.

We are self-supporting missionaries and rely on sponsorship and support for all our family's needs. Each one of us in the family has a part to play, and to say we find it hard to stop at the end of the day is an understatement. We love what God has called us to do. 


As a family, we not only run Manna, but we have spoken at many Christian events such as Christian Unions, youth events, and Church events, sharing our story, our love, and passion for the arts, and training those who desire to use the arts for mission and outreach. 

The Lord has blessed us with four amazing children, all home educated: two grown up, (one a Charis Bible College Graduate, another currently a  student at Charis Bible College), and the youngest two still home educated. My husband and I are also First-Year students on the Charis Correspondence Course. We love the richness the Word brings to our family. 

We founded Manna in 2013. Since then we have worn multiple hats to do the jobs that make the mission tick. We have ministered from Birmingham City to Devon, working with many different organizations from Mothers Union to Rig London and Ecumenical events in our local towns. We have written 17 musicals to date, composed the music, and directed and produced each musical, ending with a tour in 2021, which was amazing and such fun with a cast of some 50 adults and young people from all over the UK.

After a long fight with an incurable genetic disease, I ( Jaime) was able to step out again into the world of performing arts, this time with a huge vision and passion to see the arts used for the Lord, as a way of communicating the gospel, by forming Manna Theatre Company. 


After starting with a handful of young people in Surrey, we have increased in vision and locations. In 2019 God moved us to the West Midlands where we are now based, but with such an amazing group still in Surrey, we continue with a monthly class there at the weekend. 

We have the vision to see a permanent base established here in the West Midlands, where we can train people in musical theatre, outreach, and the arts for use in missions, to evangelize our area and further afield, using the arts as a way of sharing the gospel. 


We are praying in that spacious place to form a permanent theatre base and studio to rehearse in. 


We would ask you if you would consider being a part of our mission and supporting our family, and the mission, as we move forward in all that God has called us to do. The vision is massive and with your help, we can fulfill all He has called us to do. 


You can support us with a one-off donation or on a monthly basis. Every penny will go into the work of  Manna and support our family. 


I'm Gary. My wife and I are full-time Christian workers with stewardship: . We have dedicated our lives to this call. 


Having started in Eastbourne just after we were married in 1997, the Lord moved us to Hertfordshire where we spent two years training children and young people weekly, putting on performances in local YWAM facilities. 


We have always loved the Creative Arts; we ran a creative literacy business in primary education together as a couple before Manna started.

In the last 9 years, Manna has developed into a family founded and family run organisation. 


We are a family of six, and one way or another, all our children are involved in the ministry with us now. Our grownup son oversees all the media and graphic design across the ministry; our daughter helps with choreography and teaching of the musical theatre numbers. Our middle son writes and creates all the songs for the musicals with my wife Jaime, and our youngest inspires us to be a child in faith and heart. 

We are honored to see what God has done over the last 9 years  in our  family and ministry.


I enjoy watching old movies, eating curry, walking, my kids, my wife, and our dogs! Not in that order!!! We are honored to be full-time Christian workers through the charity 'Stewardship'. This is an exciting journey and God has done so many miracles for us as a family! 


Jai and I oversee the whole mission with a support group around us for wisdom and advice, and are accountable to our Church in West Bromwich.


We are often wearing all kinds of hats from the props team to the painter to the administrator to the teacher, and that is between being a daddy, and husband, and son of my Father God! Ministry is the best and my wife and I and our children love what we do and say, “Bring it on Jesus we want more!"

Manna was born in our hearts nearly 17 years ago now, when we pioneered a Performing Arts ministry in East Sussex that put on musical theatre productions and involved children from a wide range of churches and denominations. I (Jaime) then had to lay my shoes down 10 years ago, as I was bedridden with a serious illness. It was during this time that the Lord gave me the desire for Manna, a Christian theatre company that would be accessible to all, regardless of financial status, and that would allow the Word to speak into our communities and  in the marketplace. 


 I spent much time longing to teach again and have seen a significant degree of restoration in my  health already. We  then started with one theatre company and now the Lord has led us to expand to two locations. It is still a walk of faith for me, as I trust for my complete healing and take each day at a time. 


I write the musicals - I give all credit to the Lord, He always gives me inspiration and ideas. He is my Musical Director and my best friend. As artistic director, I oversee and write all our lesson content across our Theatre Companies. I am the mum of four wonderful children! They are my inspiration and best friends. We work as a real team, team Crick! We could not do this without the love and support of our children. They are courageous in their fights for their own health, and their joy and  laughter  rings out in our home with the humour of them all and the music they all play and sing. 


Our house is never quiet. There is always someone playing, singing, composing, preaching, and dancing somewhere. It is sometimes needed to throw my apron over my head and pray in the little still spot I get each day. Would I change it? Never. My family and my Manna family are the greatest, and I love each one with all my heart. May God use us as He wills, send us where He wants, and open hearts and heal lives through the people we train and the team He brings! I echo my husband ‘Bring it on Jesus, here we are, send us”. 

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