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A Family Run Mission

Audio Theatre

What is Audio Theatre?

Welcome to a world of theatre in your very own living room, car, or on the go, wherever you are. 


As a family, just before lockdown in 2020, God spoke to our hearts about creating theatre on the airwaves. We did not know what was about to happen in our world, but He did. 


Audio Theatre was born whilst, as a family, we were locked down in our Big Yellow American School Bus. As a family of six, we wrote and created the very first audio drama with just our family, a few soft cushions for soundproofing, and a microphone. 


Since then, we have grown into a creative collective of mums and dads, teens, and children from all over Europe that love to use their voices to create theatre on the go.


We gather on zoom, read through our scripts, and record in our very own homes. When complete, all recordings are mixed and mastered by Noah, our son, and bang! Another episode is born! 


Bringing stories, tales, and bible accounts alive through audio production, with sound effects and music, we pray that they will inspire you, draw you closer to our amazing God, and give you an unforgettable journey in the car as you travel. 


Available in both digital download and to order on our shop as a USB stick, we know you will be inspired and challenged. 

 Headphones Floating


Summer Vibes Modern Motivation T-Shirt Design (5 x 6 in) (Bold CD Cover).png


Christmas special that is sure to make you think about the season. 



Jump into a beautiful tale of friendship at Christmas time in the Raggedy Doll Toy store. 



Series One brings 5 incredible Bible stories to life in Audio Theatre.


This channel is coming soon!
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