Would you consider asking God if He would have you give a one off gift or become a regular sponsor?


Every penny counts towards the work and mission of our family.

Every gift is tithed and put to kingdom use .

Manna does not employ any staff to run the mission. At this present time, the mission is run by the Crick Family, who are self supporting missionaries and volunteer their time to run the Mission they founded. 


 We need your help to expand the mission and reach of Manna and to support the Crick Family that volunteer to run the Mission. 


You can partner monthly with the Mission and or the Cricks in several ways. 

"With your help we can reach more people for Jesus"

One off Gift 

Give a one off gift to the mission of Manna and it's projects

Bank Transfer

Barclays Bank
S/C : 20-61-82
Acc:  93069907



One off Gift 

Give a one off gift to the 

Crick family for the work they do for Manna. 

Bank Transfer

Starling Bank

Gary Crick 

S/C : 60-83-71

Acc:  61300236


with the 
Mission of Manna

Partner monthly with the mission of Manna

Partner with the Crick family

Partner monthly with the Crick family for the work they do for Manna

We receive gifts and  donations through 'Stewardship'. If you would like to find out more about 'Stewardship' and how they operate to support missions like ours,  please click here.