Join us as we perform The Passion in the beautiful grounds of The Kings Lodge. Experience the days before the crucifixion and the days after in this dramatic re-telling of the death and resurrection of Jesus. There will be drama, laughter, singing, and rejoicing as well as exciting moments for the audience and the cast together!  

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Join us as we show our new drama 'Miracles' with live performances from the cast on May 14th at 7 pm. Come and watch as we re-tell the famous miracles of Jesus through the eye of childlike faith as well as real-life modern-day testimonies of God's goodness. 

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JUNE 12 TH | 11 AM

JUNE 19 TH | 11 AM

New Testament Church of God,

22 Wellington Rd, Bilston WV14 6AG

KICC Cambridge,

Orchard Park Community Centre,

Central Ave, Cambridge CB4 2EZ