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Further Details


  • What is the Passion School about and what will I learn?
    During the programme, you will learn new skills in various aspects of musical theatre, including dance, film, backstage work, performance, and costume. You will be working alongside the Crick Family, that have been involved in Mission in the Arts for over 11 years. You will also have the opportunity to gain two Trinity College London exams in a performance area during your time with us. Manna Runs, Manna Kids, and Manna Dance on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as part of your time with us, we will encourage you to get stuck in and serve in these areas, as the year progresses you will be given more opportunities to serve and lead areas of these classes under your team lead. You will have the chance to perform in the Living Sermon packages, where the Crick Family minister the gospel through the performance arts in locations around the country as part of the cast and crew. You will also have the chance to perform in the two major musicals twice a year with the Manna Kids and Manna Dance and Manna Adults crew. Basically, you will be our right-hand team as a family, working together to be able to work at all aspects of being on the Mission field. There will be practical tasks, such as admin, props, loading in and out at venues, running the partner table and all the things in between.
  • I am an experienced artist/ Media/ Sound Engineer, what about me?
    Amazing, we are not just looking for those that need training. If you have a gift that you are willing to use in a team, then please do be in touch. The Key here is team, under the care of the Crick family, you will be part of working together. All interns will be given opportunities to compose, create, and choreograph as the team sees the gifting and character to hold that role, this is about working as a family.
  • What about work or other study?
    We are asking you to dedicate your heart to the vision for one year, if you need to work outside of the hours you spend with Manna or study another course at the same time, we would want to make sure your heart and commitment were to any Manna outreach and event first, as that is why you are here with us.
  • Where will I Stay do you have accommodation?
    At this present time in 2023, we are trusting God and on a fundraiser to buy a parcel of land and to build low-laying barns as training venues for all the training, we will do with Manna. We are further hoping to have static vans as places for interns to stay in male and female groups. Until that time we will need you to travel in daily to wherever we hire as a mission. This will be at your cost. If you are from outside the area, please be in touch, as we know many people and families in the area and maybe able to find you a host family with which you could supply finances to them to help with a room and lodging.
  • Is it term time only?
    Yes and no, we will be stopping for half terms and Easter and Summer breaks, however, due to the nature of our productions we may have some ministry events on key dates such as Good Friday and Easter weekend with which you would be expected to be in attendance and cast or crew.
  • How much is the year with Manna?
    To spend a year with us will cost £2500 plus your accommodation costs ( for you to sort) and travel to and from the venue. If you have found a host family, this is for you to work out with them, in addition to the fee of £2500. This is to be paid upfront before starting in September.
  • What ages do you accept?
    You have to be 16 years old in September to come to The Passion school, there is no upper age limit, we have seen God do amazing things, with cast over the ages of 75!! You are NEVER too old to be used of God, we value those who are mature in years and can bring wisdom and depth to the team.
  • What about married Couples with children?
    We don’t at this time have childcare provision, but welcome married couples. In the future, we would love to have space on the land for those who home educated to leave their children with a volunteer and be part of the school.
  • Is there an audition process?
    Yes, firstly be in touch with us via email and let us know your thoughts and vision. A little about yourself. We will then send you a form to fill in, we will require references both pastoral and personal, and we will be taking these up in person and speaking with your references. We will also ask you to share footage of the areas you love, be it a song, dance, drama skit, spoken word or examples of your technical work or your heart in an area. We will then have an interview with you, via Zoom or in person, so you can meet us, and see if you feel this is for you. Lastly, we will bring all potential interns together for a day with Manna, where we will watch you all work as a team, interact and see how you work as a team, we will then let you know if you have been sucsessful this year or if we feel you should wait or reapply next year.
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