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Our Vision


The home of Manna Theatre Company & The Wildflower Centre


What we see...

Manna has a big vision, it involves so much more than what we are able to do today. From daily training classes to a space of our own, our vision is an exciting glimpse into the future of Manna.

We are thrilled about the possibility of achieving our vision with your help! We invite you to join us in this exciting journey by offering your support. Together, we can make a significant impact!

Image by Federico Respini

Our Heart

Having trained in performance arts as a child and young adult, Jaime saw the power of musical theatre to impact lives and get people talking after a visit to the theatre.


What if this art form could be used to share the gospel to bring it alive and attract audiences to start to talk about the message of Jesus when they left the theatre.


Manna was born in Jaime and Gary’s heart when Jaime was very unwell and house  bound, for her full story, visit the 'our founders' page.  In 2017 they became full time Christian workers. 


Starting with a handful of children in a small hall above Safeway's in Hertfordshire, Manna was born. Training children and adults, to use the arts to present the gospel. Drawing in crowds and taking the gospel to the market place.


Over the last 16 years Manna has grown and developed into a training, and sending organisation. As a family the Cricks go, sharing the gospel in performances for all kind of events, and they train children and adults to do the same.  As a family of 6 they are all dedicated to the call.


The vision just keeps getting bigger. 

Our First project for 'The Dwelling' is the Big Yellow Bus Project, a big American School bus, which is being transformed into a home on wheels, which is hopefully the first of many vehicles we hope to renovate and turn into places of rest and recovery for those who apply to stay in them on 'The Dwelling'.

The Crick Family will be road-testing this as a family to see what it would be like to stay in, as they travel to get their heart and vision known over a period of a couple of months. In their Big Yellow Adventure. 

Image by Colin Czerwinski

Our home

 The Dwelling is an Arts Missions base the home of Manna Theatre Company and the Wildflower Centre. 


Where Creativity and Faith combine. 


Two family visions uniting to create a space for both refreshing and learning and evangelism.  


Our dream is to have a creative space on approximately 3-4 acres of land where this can happen in the West Midlands within half an hour of the most underprivileged areas in the UK.


The Dwelling as a home for Manna Theatre Company will provide a space for all the training in Christian Performance Arts and the vision of Manna Theatre Company to expand. 


The Wildflower Centre will have its home in The Dwelling also whereas a vision they will head up and offers activity sessions to the community with purpose to bring healing, confidence and wellbeing and recovery of that supports mental health restoration through practical activities that support mental wellbeing and confidence. 


To provide a space for children and adults that could not otherwise afford to have sessions in the arts or music or crafting activities or have not experienced the beauty of nature and space to have this chance. 


To see the Vision in Full please click on the buttons below.

Image by Benjamin Davies

Build our home with us.

If you believe in the vision of Manna, would you consider donating towards our 'Land Fund' so we can purchase our home. We need to raise between £80,000 - 130,000 to start our projectWe need ongoing sponsors monthly to keep the vision growing

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