When a little bit of your heart is in many places

Today was another one of those days where memories are stirred and your not sure completely where your heart is. It’s time to relocate it, to re enter it and to realise that actually it has to be in Jesus – it just has to be.

Today we were back south of the UK in the place God started Manna, 10 years ago in two weeks it will be 10 years of ministry.

When you birth something in a place you realise just how much that place means to you, the place of conception and delivery of the birth of the vision the call God has for your life.

It will always be a special place. In our hearts always. Driving home today I saw the most beautiful sunset. It made me realise He is the one that causes the sun to rise ( things to be born ) and the sun to set ( things to set and end ) Every season has a beginning and an end.

The most wonderful childhood memories are those hot dreamy evenings where we play all day until eventually their is no more daylight with friends and family and as the sun sets we know that day is done. I remember not wanting to go to bed on those holiday summer evenings. Why would you ever want to go to bed ?

Because … “ If the sun doesn’t go down, it can never rise again the next morning, to bring about a new day, a new beginning and a new way of viewing the sun”

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