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Death cannot hold what love has set free.One sister caught up in time and what’s to be done. Another willing to rest and find peace in her heart. A man raised from the grave after four days dead. The betrayal of a friend and the death of an innocent man. A travelling teacher from Galilee. Hopes buried with the past. Fears laid at the cross. At the Dawn of the third-day, hearts come home that have been lost.At Dawn is a tale that follows the trio from Bethany through the days in Jerusalem as Jesus is arrested, tried and put to death. They were there waiting and watching when news comes he’s alive again and they witness the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost in the upper room.Step into their lives and be apart of their journeys and their testimony’s and as they learn to rest in the Lord and find out that death cannot hold what Love has set free. That you are never too lost to be found.

At Dawn: 'The day the earth groaned'

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