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Robert didn’t anticipate just how awful war could be when he signed up to fight. But he knew it would be worth fighting for his country, people and family. 

Once out on the front lines, Robert’s keeps himself sane by remembering the story’s his mother read to him when he was a boy back in the small Welsh town he grew up in. 

When a boy belonging to the french resistance needs his help, he doesn’t hesitate to give it. 


Nathaniel wasn’t so easy to persuade that it would be worth fighting in the war. But he goes and once out there things only get worse for him as letters from home bring news of his disownment. With nothing to go back home to, Nathaniel drowns himself in the only thing he knows to relieve his pain. 


But when things get out of hand and the warnings of his childhood friend fall on deaf ears, Nathaniel’s life is saved as Robert jumps in the way of the explosion. 

Will Robert be able to help his friend and will Nathaniel choose to remember the same story’s that Robert had heard and listen to the message of sacrificial love that they tell.

Legacies: The story of Robert and Nathaniel

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