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Part one
It’s a harvest waiting to happen, what you sow is what you reap, it’s just the natural way things work.
It was set to be the best summer yet for 16-year-old Bryce Walker. But when he falls ill with a life threatening illness, Aubury, Sean and Ivar rely on the God whom they know who saves to come through in the miraculous way he does. The Rosetta Stone is a story for the entire family, showing what it means to be strong in the face of fear and the mighty healing power of our father God.

Part two
When the brother Bryce never knew he had turned up in his life, Bryce learns what it means to forgive and what it really means to love. David struggles to re-adjust to his life once more and Ivar fights the worry that tries to rise daily. Can truths found in the Bible about what real love and peace is, bring the Walker brothers together?

The Rosetta Stone: A harvest waiting to happen

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