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Sixteen year old Caleb saw those who where in school with him go from being boys together, to enemy’s. As those around him joined ranks with the Nazi’s during the Second World War, he slipped into his older brothers position of helping Jew’s escape Germany. When Caleb is betrayed by those closest to him, he flee’s across the French boarder, the hate for his people, keeping him alive. Rescued by a French solider he is taken back to a small farm cottage where Ma sanders, Rupert and Bree help Caleb learn to heal and teach him that in order for him to have victory, he must forgive.
Forgive those who had hurt him, his country men and those he loves.
Follow these unlikely hero’s through the pain of the Second World War, in the heart of Germany and France, the memories that are made with people and the joy in the victory and freedom in forgive.

Wildflowers on the frontline

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