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Relentless Love


About the performance

Experience what it meant to four people who encountered Jesus' life on earth. Follow a fisherman called Peter, Mary from Magdala, The women at the well, and a little boy with a stubborn cow as they all experience Jesus’ love and power uniquely. Watch as we see before our eyes how His life, Death and resurrection changed our world forever. 


With lively musical numbers, dramatic scenes, captivating storylines, a strong gospel message and plenty of laughs, you won’t be disappointed by ‘Relentless Love’.


Suitable for all ages, parental guidance is advised due to a live crucifixion scene at the end of the performance, no violence is seen, just stage make-up for scarring and Jesus being placed on the cross.  

Upcoming Events


If you would like to book us to come and perform this gospel presentation at your church or gathering, please click the button below to fill out a booking application. 

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