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Over the last 11 years we have had the privilege of bringing the bible alive in locations all over the United Kingdom. From these productions we have had incredible testimonies, heartfelt reviews and experiences. We want to share a few of these with you below. 

Relentless Legacy was an amazing, well researched and deeply impactful retelling of the Christmas story. It was powerfully presented and moved many people as it brought home in a fresh way the immensity of what happened when God came down to earth.

Reverend Nigel | St. Edward's

Words of recommendation

"The whole Crick family Gary, Jaime, Noah, Arialle, Oscar and Eli are involved full time in Manna’s ministry of writing and producing biblical musical theatre and training many for performing arts in mission and evangelism. They beautifully model and are an example of a whole family working together in ministry. I whole-heartedly endorse and confirm who they are and what they do."

- Andy | YWAM England , Kings Kids England Leader

"I have worked alongside Gary, Jaime, and the family on a number of occasions, over a number of years now.  From the outset, these guys love Jesus and are passionate about making him known through the creative arts.  They are so gifted and talented in retelling the amazing truths of the gospel through music, dance and drama, and the cast that they work with is incredible.  Over the years we have hosted various productions including indoor and outdoor performances as well as facilitated mission weeks with bible college students. 
An example of how talented they are was when they brought a group of bible college students down to Devon on a mission week.  During that week they all got stuck into various things from small group testimonies to street evangelism, and along the way, the students learnt and practice a script (written by Jamie) which they then performed at the end of the week.  It was one of the most powerful performances I had seen with such a short time of rehearsal, it was clearly the work of God through talented, but also humble and willing people. 
Recently we hosted their Passion Play in the middle of our town.  The Crick Family organised everything from working with the council to hiring sound equipment, staging and setting up.  In the end, they put on what was an incredible performance of the Passion of Christ.  Every time we have worked together for the sake of the gospel we have seen God move powerfully and people respond through the work of the Holy Spirit.  They are an extension of our family in Christ and believe God has a plan, purpose and mission for them as they continue to follow His calling.  Everyone I have met who is part of the Manna Theatre group has shone Jesus in all that they do; they so love God and love people, and are so willing to do whatever He asks.  I look forward to the next adventure God takes them on."

Pastor Dave | Simply Church, Teignmouth

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